About Us

Synergy at Work Training Services is an organization established by experienced individuals from various industries with a wide array of sales, leadership, customer service, training and management experiences. Because of the treasure job finder trove of accumulated experiences, a meeting of minds resulted on the fruition of the establishment of an organization with the purpose of promulgating a holistic perspective and approach in developing people and spurring them to contribute to their organization’s growth.

The trainings developed by the organization are grounded on theory and the best practices accumulated by the facilitators in their respective fields. The pool of experts involved in developing the modules believe in the importance of merging theory and practice so as to create a synergy of the best minds that fosters an emphasis in a never-ending search towards a higher realization of human nature.

As a consequence of this belief, the modules created are ever dynamic. These change through the course of implementation, varying from customer to customer – always hinged on their current and future needs.

The founders began as freelancers since 2004 offering training services in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, health services, construction, insurance, financial institutions, logistics, and manufacturing firms. Driven by their passion to further their expertise and enter into the entrepreneurial world, Synergy at Work Training Services was born.

The company name Synergy at Work Training Services was coined by the founders because of their firm belief that people, when they collaborate, amidst all adversities and differences set aside, will engender synergistic outcomes that ultimately lead towards the betterment of any organization. That in order to achieve this, enhancing their competencies is essential so as to equip them with the tasks at hand.

S@wtS learning expertise:

  1. a. Building Competencies
    – Organizational Development Courses работа найти
    – Small Group or One-on-One Coaching
  2. b. System Development
    – Management System Consultancy & related ISO training
    – Human Resource Consultancy
  3. c. Module/Course Development

S@wts Delivers

Our Beliefs:

  • Synergy of the best minds- partner clients & coach;
  • Learning is fun and enriching – activity/workshop driven;
  • Modules are ever dynamic – varying from customer to customer; and
  • Client Centered Consulting

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